Self-Esteem Resources

Help Clients Improve Self-Esteem One Worksheet At A Time

Our goal is to help you create positive outcomes for your clients, starting with easy to use resources. The self-esteem worksheets below are geared towards helping your clients improve their self-esteem through unique exercises and group activities. Each worksheet is a vessel to help your client be more comfortable in their own shoes.

From practicing assertive communication to journaling their thoughts, and identifying their challenges, it’s time to confront self-esteem head on. Dive into our free self-esteem worksheets and templates to get started today.

Psychology Sentence Completion Worksheet

Getting your clients to open up during therapy can be challenging. Our sentence completion worksheet is designed to help them open up so you can get the conversation started.


Self-Esteem Journal Template

Designed to help your client begin on their path to self discovery, our self-esteem journaling worksheets includes prompts to help them turn their focus within.

Thought Stopping: Negative Self Talk Worksheet

A key to improving self-esteem for your client is to challenge negative self talk. Help them put a stop to negative thoughts with our negative thought stopping worksheet.


Gratitude Worksheet & Journal Template

Our gratitude journal can help your clients become more positive. Make it easy for them to journal what they are most thankful for everyday.

Identifying & Challenging Core Beliefs Worksheet

Use this exercise to help your clients identify their core beliefs, and then challenge them to help improve self-esteem. Challenging core beliefs can be hard, but this free worksheet helps outline an efficient process for doing so.


Assertive Communication Worksheet for Improved Relationships & Self-Esteem

This worksheet is designed to help your clients improve their self-esteem by becoming more assertive communicators.