Free Note Templates & Intake Forms

Free Counseling Intake Forms, Therapy Notes & Treatment Plan Templates

Therapist forms and therapy note templates to help you better serve your clients. Creating progress notes, treatment plans and intake forms from scratch takes away time you could be spending with your clients. We have included many free counseling note templates and client intake forms below that you use in your practice to save time.

Counseling Treatment Plan & Note Templates

Client Intake Form Templates

Treatment Plan & Progress Note Templates For Counseling & Psychotherapy

Counseling Treatment Plan Template

Ensuring you and your clients are on the same page with regards to goals for therapy is extremely important during introductory sessions. Use the Counseling Treatment Plan template to define your client’s goals, and review their strengths, abilities and preferences for combatting issues.

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Therapy Progress Note Template

The Therapy Progress Note template will help you identify the success of your client’s therapy plan. Use this counseling form to track progress through completion of therapy programs to ensure your clients remain on a path to self improvement.

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ABC Model Template

Use the ABC Model counseling template to walk clients through the causes and effects of their actions. The form can be used to help clients identify activating events, so they can better prepare for managing their emotions and beliefs.

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Behavioral Activation Counseling Template

To help support a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to combat symptoms of chronic depression. The Behavioral Activation Journal helps clients identify activities that they enjoy, as well as their responsibilities, in an effort to improve upon their state of mind.

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Exposure Hierarchy Template

High levels of anxiety can deteriorate a client's state of mind. In order to avoid high anxiety situations, it’s important to identify situations during which clients experience their highest and lowest levels of anxiety. This free counseling note template helps pinpoint stress points so you can help clients improve their daily emotional state.

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Introduction to Anxiety Counseling Template

High levels of anxiety can lead to unpleasant physical, emotional, and cognitive symptoms. Using the Introduction to Anxiety worksheet, you can identify actions that trigger anxiety within your clients, to craft a plan for reducing anxiety levels.

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Client Intake Form Templates For Counseling & Mental Health

Explore the following client intake form templates to cut down on administrative tasks, ensure day-to-day client visits run smoothly and legally protect your practice.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Consent Form

Creating a payment authorization form from scratch can be a tricky process. There are nuances and verbiage that can easily be mistaken or misinterpreted. Ensure accuracy and download our free payment consent intake form instead.

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New Client Registration Intake Form

A new client registration form is used for each new client of your practice. This form allows you to document personal information, as well as insurance and responsible parties. Save time for what really matters, and download our free client registration intake form template.

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New Client Questionnaire Template

Use the New Client Questionnaire to document any medical information that may be important to know about new clients. This information may be used to modify treatment plans or medication recommendations. Download our free client questionnaire template for easy use within your practice.

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Notice of Privacy Practices Template

Proper Notice of Privacy Practice forms are required for all new clients. Unfortunately, these forms can include complicated legal verbiage. Save your time and protect your practice using our free intake form template.

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No Show, Late Cancellation & Co-Payment Policy Template

Implementing a No Show, Late Cancellation and Co-Payment Policy creates a formal agreement between you and your client’s responsible party. These forms are strongly encouraged for each new client. Use our free template, and customize it to your individual practice’s rules and regulations.

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Child Intake Form Template

The Child Intake Form is recommended to supplement introductory visits with adolescent clients. Provide this form to parents of young clients to facilitate a smooth first visit.

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No-Harm Contract Template

A No-Harm Contract constitutes a formal agreement to abstain from any acts of self-harm or suicide. Implement this form where you see applicable for your client.

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How To Use These Forms & Templates in TheraNest

TheraNest makes storing forms and worksheets easy. Easily download and print the page, then scan and save and save it to your client’s documents. Your clients can also send you completed forms as an attachment via Secure Messaging in the Client Portal. You can then download the form and upload to the client’s file in TheraNest. If you don’t already have TheraNest and want to try it for free, sign-up today.