Easy Invoicing & Billing


TheraNest makes it easy for you to create, print, and email invoices and superbills - never worry about you or your practice forgetting to bill for a session.

Invoices & Superbills

Create, print, and email invoices and superbills.

Batch Invoicing & Batch Statements

Batch invoice and batch statement process are available with a single click. Easily print, email or add multiple invoices to the Claims Awaiting Submission page.

Electronic Claims

Submit primary and secondary claims using our clearinghouse partner for quicker payments.

Credit Card Payments

Sign up to start accepting credit cards quickly - no complex application process. No gateway or merchant account fees - same rate for all card types.

Batch Payments

Easily charge multiple credit cards at the same time to quickly process and apply payments to open invoices.

Detailed Client Ledger

Track write-offs, client credits and balances and more.

Insurance Claims with Batch Submission

Easily file and track insurance claims. Submit multiple claims with a single click.

Up to Date CPT Codes & CPT Code Modifiers

Equip your practice with Current Procedural Terminology codes.

Billing Reports

Get a daily billing report to see how your practice is doing day by day. Invoice aging reports let you know what is outstanding and for how long. Produce staff billing reports by staff member for quick payroll needs.

Easy Insurance Processing

Process ERA/EOB files automatically.

HCFA Forms

Create, print, and download CMS-1500 forms

Client Self-Pay in Client Portal

Accept credit card payments from clients through the mobile-friendly Client Portal website. Learn more about the Client Portal.

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