Private Practice eBooks from TheraNest

An eBook Library to Build your Private Practice

Our goal at TheraNest is to create content that helps you build the private practice you want. Our eBooks are written with busy therapists in mind. We’ve taken the topics that matter to you as a private practice owner and developed clear, comprehensive, and easy to understand eBooks that give you the information you need to succeed.

Billing 101

New to the world of private practice? Confused by all the billing terms being thrown at you? This eBook on billing 101 will provide the the crash course you need to start confidently billing for your private practice. We’ve included a glossary with the most important billing terms so you can start talking like a biller as you learn to think like one.


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Combat Progress Note Float

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Do your progress notes ride around in cars? Do you have mobile clinicians conducting visits and writing progress notes later? These are just a few examples of Progress Note Float. Though Progress Note Float may seem like an innocent enough practice, it can slow down you and your practice. This eBook provides information and strategies you can implement to avoid this problem.


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