Ready to move to TheraNest?

Our implementation specialists can make your migration virtually painless.


If the thought of moving all of your practice's information to a new EHR seems like a daunting task, utilize our Concierge Migration Service.

Your practice deserves to use the benefits and features that come with a modern and easy-to-use software. TheraNest has tools built into its system to manually add your data, but that requires time and manpower you may not have right now to get it all done. Our implementation specialists are here just for that. We’ll handle it for you and set you up for success.

Who the Concierge Migration Service is for

The Concierge Migration Service is perfect for any practice that doesn't have the time or resources to spend uploading their client information themselves. Consultants often quote inordinate prices for migration services and that's without having any familiarity with TheraNest.

How It Works

Here's all the things our implementation specialists handle for your migration:

Account Setup

We’ll check to make sure you have your Organization Settings page set up correctly.

Client Information

We’ll import your clients' demographic (i.e., phone number, email, address) and insurance information.


Once TheraNest has received your data we'll provide a timeline. Our migration timelines are subject to change based on client data requirements, availability and correspondence.

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Let's do it!

If you're ready to reserve your spot for our migration service, click the button below to complete the Concierge Migration Plan Form so we can accurately assess your needs.

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