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Building a Private Practice for Success

Running a private practice is hard work. To build a successful practice, you not only need to be a good therapist, but you also have to be a smart business owner. For many of our readers, being a good therapist comes naturally; being a savvy business owner is something that requires a little more work. But don’t worry TheraNest is here to help.

As a therapist, you went to school for years to learn the skills you need to care for your clients—it took countless hours of trainings and hard work. However, most therapists are not formally schooled in how to manage a private practice. Many of the skills you need to run a successful practice are not related to your therapy background, but are instead administrative and financial tasks. Nonetheless these tasks are important as they ensure the overall health of you private practice and allow you to continue doing what you love everyday.

This section of our blog aims to bridge the knowledge divide between being a good therapist and a successful business owner in order to help you create a profitable private practice. From figuring out which EHR system you should use to getting on the right insurance panels to learning how to hire the best employees for your practice—we’ve got you covered.

The Private Practice section of our bog is a crash course in how to build and run a successful business. We offer you all the tips, strategies, and information you need to run and grow your private practice. This is your go to spot for when you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the different aspects that go into building your private practice. Our goal is to provide you with information that is both useful and implementable so you can put your private practice on the road to success.