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Social Anxiety Interventions

This post has been authored by Pamela Hagues, LPC, CSOTP, CC as part of our guest post series. Learn more about Pamela at the bottom of this post.

Therapeutic Interventions for Social Anxiety

Coming from an inpatient residential and community-based background for 15 years, as a clinician, I was used to providing mental health treatment for various populations with more complex issues than what the average individual copes with in society today. These clients typically received dual diagnoses such as depression and substance abuse, were trauma and abuse victims and several had even committed sexual offenses. So, after several years of working in these settings, I became experienced and knowledgeable and was ready to take that leap of faith into my own practice. I was prepared to serve clients in the ‘regular community’ after years of working in a more intense environment.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Offering Teletherapy (Online Therapy)

How to Start Offering Teletherapy (Online Therapy)

Are you thinking of offering online therapy, also called teletherapy,  to your clients? Are you currently drowning in a ton of questions, such as:

  • Is telethrepy or online therapy a good idea?
  • Is it even possible legally to offer therapy services online?
  • Can you offer online therapy service in addition to your established brick-and-mortar private practice?
  • If you do offer online therapy, how do you get started?
  • How do you find clients for online therapy?
  • What tools do you need to “meet” with online therapy clients?

If you’re currently searching for the answers to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss the most important things to consider about online therapy, including whether it’s the right choice for you and how exactly to get started. Let’s dive right in.

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Top ICD-10 Codes for Mental and Behavioral Health

ICD-10 Codes Used By Therapists

Insurance billing is no easy task. It is made even more confusing by the vast amount of terminology (and acronyms) used for even the most simple of tasks. There are thousands of codes you have to juggle — CPT, ICD-10, and DSM 5, just for starters. It is easy to choose the wrong code but it can be a costly mistake. In this post, we’re breaking down and defining what ICD, DSM, and CPT mean and how you, as a therapist, use them everyday.

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Turning Anger into an Ally

This post has been authored by Stephanie Wijkstrom MS, LPC, NBCC as part of our guest post series. Learn more about Stephanie at the bottom of this post.

Therapy Techniques for Effective Couples Counseling 

One of the greatest challenges many therapists cite as a hurdle in working with couples is the thought  that marriage counseling has to ‘blow up.’ We all know couples therapy is one of the more challenging types of therapy to provide. Marriage counselors are trained to enter the lion’s den of heated emotion.The conversations being had in the therapy office are between two, often hostile or detached people.

What the more seasoned therapists among us knows is that the emotion of anger must be integrated into the therapy room. Anger is an effective tool that can be used  to help the couple learn how to manage their conflict, emotions, and to further enhance their relationship.

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Printable CMS 1500 Forms & Superbill Templates

Simplified & Printable Superbills & CMS 1500 Forms To Save You Time

In this post, we’re doing a deep dive into two billing words you’ll hear often as a therapist in private practice: superbills and CMS-1500 forms. We’ll be outlining what superbills and CMS 1500 forms are, while also explaining what purpose both of these documents serve in your private practice and in the medical billing world at large.

For many therapists, generating superbills for clients and printing claims forms (CMS-1500, formerly known as HCFA) serve as the backbone of their income, meaning that efficiency and reduced costs in this area, can have significant impact on their practice and sanity.

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Therapeutic Activities for Teens

Therapy Activities for Teen Clients

Keeping teenagers engaged in therapy can be a difficult task–getting them to open up can sometimes even be near impossible. Thankfully, you’re not the first therapist who has had to deal with a disengaged teen and there are plenty of resources out there to help you get your young client to talk.

We’re going to dive into a few therapeutic activities that you can use in your therapy sessions with teens to encourage them to open up. These activities center around a few different mediums ranging from art and writing to movement and meditation.

These activities can be done during a session or assigned to be completed in between sessions. They are designed to help encourage teenage clients to open up about themselves in ways that may feel less intrusive to them than direct conversation in therapy.

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How to Increase Client Referrals for Your Private Therapy Practice

Tips to Increase Client Referrals for Your Private Practice

A lot goes into building a business and because your private practice is a business before anything else, it is no different. In fact, we think it might require even a tad bit more effort to build a successful private practice than it would your run of the mill retailer.


Building a successful private practice means creating a trusting and lasting connection with your clients. You’re not selling a product they can buy anywhere, you’re selling a service that is personalized to their needs. Because of this niche category that therapy services fall into, building a strategy for growth is not as clear cut as it is in other industries.

However, this does not mean it’s not possible. In this post we’re going to be outlining initiatives you can take to increase your client referrals and build a solid client referral strategy to build your private therapy practice.

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Aaron Dodini How I Practice Infographic - TheraNest Blog

How I Practice with Dr. Aaron Dodini

How I Practice… with Dr. Dodini

The following  interview has been lightly edited for clarity. The How I Practice series asks therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and other mental health practitioners to share their successes, shortcuts, routines, and more.

Have someone you want to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Let us know here!

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How To Go Paperless In Your Therapy Office

How To Save Time & Resources: Go Paperless

Going paperless at your therapy private practice might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Having the right tools and processes in place before you begin transitioning to a paperless practice can save you both time and headache. Not to mention, taking the time to go paperless now will help set your private practice up for future success in the future.

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Marketing Automation for Private Practice: A Hands-Off Approach

The Private Practice’s Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to do everything from engaging prospective clients on the need for mental health services to reminding current clients of upcoming appointments. There’s a misperception that marketing automation is only for big practices, but I’d argue that marketing automation is even more useful for small to medium practices where staff and other resources are limited. Automating your marketing allows you to stretch your reach without constantly performing the same tedious day to day tasks that business growth requires. In this post, we’ll explain how to get started with marketing automation for private practice.

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